"Portable Fatherland" - Internet portal

An der IT-HTL Ybbs an der Donau wurde im Schuljahr 2011/2012 von einem Projektteam aus dem Ausbildungsschwerpunkt „Internet- und Medientechnik” ein Internetportal für das Buchprojekt von Dr. Kammerstätter erstellt.

The goals of this project were:

  • Creation of an internet presence to support the book project "Portable Fatherland" with the following requirements:
  • General information about the book project of Dr. med. Kammerstätter
  • Information about current activities around the trilogy and the projects in their environment
  • Creation of a media library to offer videos and interviews for download
  • Provide an internal area where registered users can chat and discuss through a forum
  • Support of multilingualism (at least German and English)

Presentation of the web platform at the official book presentation on May 24, 2012

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