Submission of the completed and calculated restructuring plan for the Jewish cemetery Ybbs / Göttsbach by the association to the Advisory Council of the National Fund on 13.5.2013 in the Parliament in Vienna, recognition as an Austrian pilot project Internationales Medienecho to Führer-bell Wolfpassing
In the summer of 2013, the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft BIG sold Schloss Wolfpassing to a private real estate company, without taking its historical objects into account. Hannes Kammerstätter brought an action against the BIG at the District Court Scheibbs for violation of the Verbortsgesetz by passing on relevant National Socialist objects. The court should clarify whether this fact also applies to the sale of the leader's bell associated with the sale.

Thus it had the following facts: 1935 village and castle community Wolfpassing in honor of the murdered Federal Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, who had often stayed here in the castle with his family with his study friend Anton List, donated a Dollfuß-Gedächtnis-bell and from the Glcokengießerei Let Pfundtner pour in Vienna. In 1938 an attempt was made to chisel out the Dollfuss inscription. Because this did not succeed, the bell was melted down in 1939 by the company Pfundtner and re-cast as a leader bell. It still carries the National Socialist inscription: cast in 1939 / On 13.3.1938 the unifier / leader of all Germans / Adolf Hitler / the Ostmark exempted from the yoke of foreigners / oppression and led them home / into the Greater German Reich ". Reports in the newspaper "Der Standard", in the ORF, in regional media informed that the Federal Monuments Office had classified the bell as a historical "accessory" of the castle and decided to remain in the castle, while historians had suggested transferring it to a museum , In 2017, the idea of ​​taking her on loan to the Lower Austrian House of History fails. In the summer of 2013, right-wing domestic bloggers mocked the plaintiff as left-wing Antifa. The international response reached the World Jewish Congress, Italy, France, Spain and even Japan, with headlines such as "Führer Bell Wolf Passing", "Cloche du Führer Wolfpassing", "Campana Wolfpassing".

The "additional panel" required in the expert discussion was not attached to the front of the chateau, but in the roof frame of the bell tower and reads:

"This bell dedicated to Adolf Hitler / was installed in this tower in 1939 as a replacement for an Engelbert Dollfuß / Glock consecrated / and documents the systematic removal of monuments by the / National Socialists after the Anschluss. / It was rediscovered in 2013 / and should now be left as an everlasting memorial / for the horror of the Nazi regime / at this point. "A memorial hidden in the attic. For whom? This inscription contains a material misinformation. The bell was not rediscovered in 2013. 2012 was documented in the trilogy "Wearable Fatherland", which had long been known to the locals and castle dwellers of Wolfpassing and only the BIG was hidden. Also, writing the word connection without quotation marks reveals little sensitivity. "The National Socialists" is no precise statement about the concrete Nazi decision-makers and their measures.

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