Niederösterreichische Landesausstellung im Ötscher: REICH: For the Landesausstellung, the volume edited by Ernst Bruckmüller appeared: "In the realm of Ötscher. On the diversity of the regions "with the contribution of Hannes Kammerstätter" The Jewish compatriots in the Ötscher: REICH and in its environment ". The article describes immigration, church planting, assimilation and dissimilation of Jewish compatriots; Innovation and competition within the majority society, anti-Semitism, the connection of Austria and Jew hatred, expulsion and Shoah, the final phase crimes against Jewish forced laborers, examples of appropriate commemorative culture.

Kultur.Region.Niederösterreich published the volume "Eisenstraße. On the paths of iron in Lower Austria "with the contribution of Hannes Kammerstätter" Intergriert - deportiert. The Jewish citizens of the Eisenwurzen: a memory ". The article describes a virtual tour of the Jewish religious teacher Salomon Fried for religious instruction in the Jewish families throughout the country.

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