Sharp review by Hannes Kammerstätter on Wolfgang Neugebauer's book "Der österreichische Widerstand 1938-1945" in the newspaper of the ÖVP comradeship of the Political Persecuted and Confessor of Austria "Der Freiheitskämpfer"

65/Nr.47 Dez. 2016:


The fundamental criticism referred to the fact that Neugebauer devalued from his narrow social-democratic view of the performance of the Austrian resistance to silence, because its leading networkers did not come from the social democratic camp. For the Social Democrats had insisted on the all-German revolution and had therefore had no interest in the liberation of Austria from a new independent state. Neugebauer did not even pay tribute to Hans Becker and his O5 resistor network. Becker was son in law of the Jewish industrialist family Lieser with location Golling near Pöchlarn.

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