Portable Homeland informs about


“Our Jewish Compatriots and their Portable Homeland!” in the Mostviertel of Lower Austria. Results of the historical research are published in three volumes “Homeland Nevertheless” – “Homeland to take along” – “Portable Homeland”-


Volume 1 “Homeland Nevertheless” gives you an idea of the Jewish community in the southwest of Lower Austria between 1880 and 1939.


Volume 2 “Homeland to take along” tells impressive and exciting family stories of the Jewish compatriots in Mostviertel, about their lost as well as about their rescued members.


Volume 3 “Portable Homeland” is a collection of still unpublished texts – among these poems, essays, reports and correspondence – from Jewish families, supplemented with stories about decent and courageous, righteous people and Samaritans.



Portable Homeland initiates and accompanies


projects in schools and also in adult education which want to get to know “Our Jewish Compatriots and their Portable Homeland”:

Among these are:

  • international projects between schools here in our area and other schools in the new homelands of  Jewish families from Mostviertel, for instance in Buenos Aires and in the USA;
  • the virtual travel(l)ing exhibition for schools in our area;
  • events with adult education organizations in our area;
  • the “Robert Mahler Forum” meeting in the ceremony hall of the Jewish cemetery of Ybbs.




Portable Homeland establishes and looks after


the Internet-community of Jewish people from Mostviertel and their descendants all over the world.

This is done by means of:


  • exchange of data, documents and pictures in “PortableHomeland – Archive”;
  • up-to-date information about projects in “PortableHomeland – Calendar”;
  • reports on visits, meetings in “PortableHomeland – News”;
  • moderated discussion in the “Robert Mahler Forum”