25. October 2017

Book Series

Browse through the trilogy "Portable Homeland" by Dr. Johannes Kammerstätter.


Volume I - "The Jewish Community in the Mostviertel" - This scientifically developed history of the Jewish community in the Mostviertel is not just a matter of experts. It is part of our regional identity.

Volume II - An insight into the lives of 100 Jewish families from the Mostviertel. From Haidershofen to Loosdorf, from Pöggstall to Lunz, Shoah survivors talk about their former homeland.

Volume III - The handling of history first enables us to question our current history. The contact with survivors and their descendants ensures memories and stories that are not forgotten.

Das Erbe lebt - Titelblatt

Volume IV - "Our Jewish Compatriots and Their Portable Homeland" - New and complementary family histories deepen our access to history and our regional identity.