25. October 2017

About us

Why this project?


Dr. Johannes Kammerstätter

born in Waidhofen an der Ybbs

Studies of philosophy, theology, psychology, psychotherapy

  • Publications: translated together with Gottfried Hierzenberger, Theologische Worthülsen (Munich 1973)
  • Collaboration in the published by Alfred Klose Catholic Social Lexicon (Graz, etc. 1980)
  • Teaching at secondary schools in the subjects cath. Religion, Political Education, Economics and Music
  • Projects with students of the Francisco-Josephinum Wieselburg with partner schools in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Project with the year 5BL 2005, "Reconciling is: not to forget": Renovation of the Jewish cemetery Ybbs / Göttsbach old

Why History Of The Jewish Compatriots?

What future future Jewish rural people could build as a minority in our country, which had to seek its own future, is an exciting story.

What political, religious and economic ideas they had, what education they made possible for their children, how they came here in the land for right, possessions and future, where they were fleeing while fleeing and how they tried to be in exile with the future ideas of a new Getting the country to know what the rescued tell about the lost, in which new languages they learn to think, talk and pray, is all part of the hitherto secretive story. Previously secretive hopes that touch personally.

Why Portable Homeland?

In Jewish tradition, it is originally understood as a "portable homeland", something that is given to people without any belief in their previous homeland on basic convictions, rules of life and common goals. This initially related to religious ties. For all those who, through bureaucratic and physical violence, actually lost their homeland right in one of the municipalities of our region, this piece of Lower Austrian homeland nevertheless remained and remained the "portable homeland" of her childhood and her first love. And for their descendants, it is becoming increasingly wearable in the sense that the Mostviertel inhabitants pay tribute to the lost and rescued of their former Jewish compatriots, and imagine resistance fighters, the righteous and the Samaritans as the forerunners of a future worth living for.

Projects in general

"Portable Homeland" in the literal sense is the goal of all projects around the Jewish Mostviertel and their descendants all over the world. Historical research and up-to-date contacts should contribute to the identity of our region in an ever-moving world.

Under the motto "Reconciling is: not to forget", in 2002 the practical project work of the 5BL-class in the Francisco-Josephinum Wieselburg started with the cleaning and new inscription of the gravestones in the Jewish cemetery Ybbs / Göttsbach. Two specific goals were linked to the project right from the beginning: to understand the Mostviertel as the home of these Jewish families and to find at least one descendant of every Jewish family in the Mostviertel anywhere in the world.

In all other projects since then, these two goals have been addressed: Homeland as a portable homeland and worldwide contacts, roots in the homeland of origin and rooting into the future of a new homeland.

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